Warehouse management

A comprehensive warehouse management software helps streamline multiple functions of your enterprise

Our warehouse management software solution ensures that all inbound/outbound movement of stock is via a barcode scan process reducing the overall discrepancy between the actual and the physical inventory. The warehouse manager can increase the productivity of the warehouse by reducing traveling time, maximizing the use of available space, and suggesting moves for better space utilization.

The system provides complete set of functions so that the warehouse and racks can be defined in the system to match physical warehouse. Each rack is given unique number identification.

For incoming goods, system offers empty warehouse locations and goods can be moved to that location. System restrict the users to place pallet in the rack where there are pallets available. Once goods are assigned racks, the system provides barcodes to be assigned and pasted on racks. For outgoing goods, system provides rack location to user from where he can scan out the physical goods. Partial removal of goods are available where barcode with the revised quantity needs to be re-printed

Our warehouse management software reduce warehouse inefficiencies, increase order accuracy, improve inventory management and also will give you the performance edge you need, not only now, but for your supply chain of the future.


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