Receivables management

What can receivables management software do for you?

Receivables Management

Proper management of invoicing, credit terms, and other accounts receivable tasks accelerates your cash flows and keeps your organization strong. Our receivables management software automates invoicing and collection processes to give you fast, efficient and automated receivables. That accelerates the cash cycle, improves your business performance, and improves customer satisfaction.

The receivables management software has a very easy GUI making it quick for the receivable manager to work with the functions and process credits/debits/collection and payment adjustments either for a customer or a group. Reverse feature with reasons enables maintaining audits and reports give us trend on collection behavior of customers to set up credit strategy for customers.

One of the strong and salient feature of the receivables management software is credit risk management. Credit risk rules can be defined in the system and that will ensure that exposure to customer is limited and as per pre-set conditions. Different rules can be set for different sales channels to the same customer. The rules can be built around the total outstanding amount and/or aging days. Rules can also have exceptions defined within them to make sure it does not generate unnecessary hurdles in the same.

Base currency can be defined and all the reports can be generated in the base currency. Currency conversions are available for the company dealing with the customers in the multiple currencies. Feature to auto calculate and adjust cash discount at the time of collection is also available.

Accounts receivable is all about keeping your receivables data current, accurate, and centralized. As your understanding of your financial position improves, you’ll be better equipped to make productive business decisions.



Credit note adjustments

Debits to customers

Collection reversals

Currency conversions

Invoice knockoffs

Cash discounts

Group collections

Business risk mitigation

Credit risk management

Authentication work flow

Debtor aging