Advance sales management

Advance sales management Module provides some intuitive and advanced features useful for organized businesses and provides added intelligence to sales and sales point management process.

Depending up on the business type and organizational processes, it allows to handle sales forecasts, demand planning and demand allocation.

The advanced sales management system also provides facility to enter targets and budgets based on various dimensions like zones, territories and products. The targets can be measured on monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly intervals. Achievements against the targets can be measured as and when actual sales in captured.

Advanced sales management also facilitate secondary sales capture mechanism in various ways. Secondary Sales can either be imported from an excel sheet, or system can extract sales from emails sent by secondary sales points in pre-defined formats.

Pre-Sales management provides made-to-order functionality where RFQ, Costing and Quotations are created and tracked within the system.


Sales forecast

Indent orders

Demand planning

Demand allocation

Sales budgets/Targets

Secondary sales

Pre-Sales management