Replenishment & order management software

An order management software that makes it easy to track and fulfill orders.

Business need

Most of the time order booking in Pharmaceuticals and FMCG supply chain is based on sales trend and current stock position. If one adds up intelligence of logistics like minimum order quantity, transportation time, etc., and the system can predict what needs to be transferred and when, etc.
Solution overview

Customer satisfaction is key to succeeding in this increasingly competitive marketplace, where selling world-class products is meaningless without a good order management software. PharmaNET order management software, produces a forward-looking, time-phased ordering plan that considers both the forecast of demand and the current inventory plan.Whether sourcing externally from overseas vendors or dispersing inventory among branches, PharmaNET then suggests the most cost-effective ordering pattern to achieve your targeted service levels.PharmaNET offers order management software for stockist/distributor who can then just confirm the system driven order and order is placed to the company. For smooth & effective order management system, secondary sales needs to be transferred to the system on regular basis.PharmaNET gives you the control you need to smartly manage all of your incoming and outgoing orders.If you are looking for not only an order management software that will keep your day-to-day operations in order, but also a tool that makes you a smarter seller, PharmaNET is your solution.

Business benefits

PharmaNET provides multiple alternatives to collect secondary sales of the stockist or distributors.
  • One, an EDI interface where permanent mapping can be created with the output of stockist system and data can be transferred
  • Two, sales representative from a company can manually collect the data and inputs the same using very easy to use mobile device interface
  • Three, there can be an automated system based on FTP/Emails; where system can decode specific data transfer formats of individual distributor/stockist

Based on secondary closing stock and sales data of the distributor/stockist, system can generate a purchase order. Purchase order can then be edited with human intelligence and specific inputs as and when necessary. Standard inventory norms can also be defined for each product in supply chain.

Such replenishment systems are critical in improving profitability and visibility in supply chain functions. It can be used to generate demand plan and production planning purposes.

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