Inventory management

Equip your inventory manager with our inventory management software solution to get 360 degree visibility of stock.

Effective inventory management will always pose a significant challenge to any business, our affordable, smart and effective inventory management software solution will help inventory manager to get real time tracking of available inventory, inventory in transit, inventory cost, non-moving stock and ensure that profitability is maintained, and stock flows optimally through your business.

The module provide all operations on inventory and offers complete transparency on movements of stocks. It provides categorization of inventory in Finished Goods(FG), Semi Finished Goods (SFG), Raw Material(RM), Packaging Material (PM), Samples and other.

The system also offers valuation of inventory using different valuation methods including moving average purchase price and weighted average price.

Inventory can be managed based on batch no, lot no as well as receipt no in case single batch is received multiple times. This provides advantages in regulated markets when one is required to sample and test each batch receipt.

Inventory can be issued against the production order or internal consumption request.


Stock points

Inter depot transfers

In-transit goods

Goods receipts


Quality movements


Field sample distribution

Stock adjustments

Expiry destructions

Near expiry hold

Inventory valuations

Inventory type

Internal release

Consumption report

Sales and sales returns

Stock level alerts

Batch, lots and receipts