Order Processing Automation

Sales Order Automation - Automate each step of inbound order processing activities

Business need

As more companies go global, volume of customers an enterprise interacts increases multi-fold, supply chain becomes increasingly complex. More customers you have, more products you sell, more difficult it is to keep things simple, specifically for your customer services team receiving hundreds of orders at a time.

Manual order processing limits the speed, accuracy and increases risks of infusing unavoidable human errors to orders which can detriment overall customer experience with your enterprise.

Solution overview

Adopting automation in sales order processing is a simple way to empower your customer services team to more added value tasks and in turn accelerate your business.

Typical Sales Order Process

Typically, you’ll collect incoming purchase order, manually feed sales orders to your ERP, generate a delivery note and send it to your warehouse team for fulfilment. At each step there is a manual intervention which increases chances of human errors and is stop and go process at each stage. Higher the volumes of order received, more the chances of human errors and manual feeding can increase the sales order cycle time leaving the customer unhappy with inaccurate and incomplete deliveries impacting overall reputation of your company.

Order Automation – can automate these steps accurately with minimum inputs from your customer services team, leaving them more time for high value activities and increase their focus towards keeping customers happy.

Automation of Sales Order Process
As order from your customers arrive in Excel, CSV, XML, PDF formats, over a dedicated mailbox, our order bot picks them up very next second and stores them for retention and retrieval
Bot reads and extracts unstructured data in different languages, leveraging OCR technology and AI cognitive services, from each customer order and collects order numbers, item numbers, quantities, prices, billing and shipping information, additional remarks/notes, if any and organizes them to a structured pattern
Bot validates data as it extracts it by comparing it to your ERP systems and flags off data inconsistency, incompleteness in orders, price mismatch, incorrect delivery address, etc., so your customer services team need to only focus on managing these limited error prone orders to take them up for discussions with your customers
Basis business rules, sales order lands to respective team member’s to-do-list for verification and adding missing data. The user can view customer order received vs information extracted, add missing information to process it to next stage with minimal intervention
Sales order is automatically processed to your ERP systems for pick, pack and shipping. Your customers get what they ordered at correct price and on time, every single time.

Our sales order automation bot brings an end to manual sales order entry and reduces your sales cycle times by nearly 65 % as experienced by our customers.

Business benefits

  • Shifts customer services team from order processing to servicing customers
  • Bot works round the clock with increased accuracy & higher efficiency
  • Workload easily managed during seasonal/month end times
  • Helps identify ongoing, repetitive issues with customer PO so they can be rectified at the source
  • Sales order cycle times reduced by nearly 65%
  • Helps ensure OTIF deliveries; reduces customer returns
  • Increased opportunities of earning repeat business
  • Accelerates business growth and revenues

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