Purchase management

How our purchase management software helps you & your company

purchase management

PharmaNET purchase management software reduces the complexities of purchase function by automating the entire procure-to-pay process. PharmaNET is a cost-effective purchasing software for companies that need to automate and streamline their purchasing processes, also provide the freedom to choose between on-demand (SaaS) and on- premise option.

The module helps in purchase requisitions coming from various departments and geographies. Purchase team can consolidate demands from all places and create purchase order to various suppliers.

The system also offer robust supplier management system where each supplier is tagged with the product and standard negotiated price of the product. System provides mechanism to enter multiple quotes against single demand and facility to track historical orders based on suppliers as well as products.

System provides facility to map purchase order against the delivery and allow users to reject the goods for quality complaints. It also tracks short receipts and provide complete control on incoming goods management robust system to receive the goods under quarantine and sampling are available. Quality check movement of goods can be tracked as well.

Our purchasing software can help you slash paperwork, save time, control spending and drive significant cost savings to your bottom line.


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