Demand planning software

Do you need an effective demand planning software for your business

Business need

Spreadsheets can meet many basic needs. But if your company is serious about effective sales forecasting, you need a demand planning software that can provide strategic value, increase your visibility into the supply chain management process, and drive your growth.

Pharmaceuiticals and Healthcare organizations today are turning to best-in-class demand planning software that can help them overcome the challenges of accurate sales forecasting and planning for meeting customer demand on time. Rising complexities of businesses, multiple-channels, various SKUs and focus on the bottom-line make this task increasingly complex and companies looking for the right demand planning software will come out on top.

Solution overview

The objective of demand planning software is to accurately forecast future demand and enable proper inventory planning for improved revenues, service levels, decreased inventory and stock-outs. Our demand planning software enables you to make profitable decisions about purchasing cycles and quantity levels, from product roll-out to product retirement with its ad-on solution purchase management. PharmaNET reduce juggle of the purchase manager and streamline the purchasing workflow. The ad-on solution helps purchase manager by automating the processes of identifying potential suppliers, suppliers evaluation, suppliers quote evaluation, forwarding purchase orders to the suppliers, and billing processes.

You’ll have the ability to boost customer service, ensure successful promotional support, and stay on top of market changes. Collect internal and external demand streams, analyze their input, and use the resulting insight to create rational demand plans and update them as needed. Integrate internal and external demand data across sales and supply functions as a foundation for trade promotion activities and other means of demand shaping.

PharmaNET demand planning software enables you to improve demand forecast accuracy, reduce inventory costs, eliminate redundant and obsolete inventory across the supply chain, accelerate product introductions, increase gross margins, and proactively identify risks and opportunities.

Business benefits

  • Increase demand visibility across the entire trading network
  • Greater productivity without increasing staff
  • Create one synchronized view of consumer demand
  • Improve forecasting performance and accuracy
  • Give companies centralized and real-time control of all purchase activity
  • Increase awareness of purchasing policy through the organization and ensures its compliance
  • Delegate the administration/responsibility to those making the purchase while retaining control by management
  • Eliminate wasteful purchasing
  • No software to install or maintain

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