Drive productivity with sales and distribution management software

Automate and streamline your entire supply chain with PharmaNET and get full control and visibility on every single process of your business.PharmaNET is a comprehensive sales and distribution management software comes with different modules for different departments like sales, purchase, accounts, production, inventory and after sales service .

PharmaNET” sales and distribution management software is the perfect solution for business of all sizes due to its user friendly web application with the ability to integrate with any other legacy system.PharmaNET gives you total freedom to choose any module which helps control total cost of ownership and always staying one step ahead of the competition.

PharmaNET offers business analytics viz. a SAAS (software as a service) model. The solution helps business of all sizes uncover insights more quickly. harmaNET mobility cloud srvice is a highly configurable solution that can be tailored to support your specific business processes. PharmaNET is accessible on multiple devices like Cmputers,Laptops, I-Pads and with its offline availability, mobile employees can continue to work even in areas with poor reception without any fear of data lost.

Make your business competent with various competencies of PharmaNET which helps your sales team, purchase team, warehouse team, accounts team, after sales service team to conduct their respective operations effectively and efficiently and provide accurate insights to the top management in strategy building and decision making.