The business need for contract management software

Revenue Management

When you mismanage contracts, you:

  • Increase contract cycle time
  • Allow critical legal information to become fragmented and exposed
  • Miss savings opportunities associated with contract expiry
  • Increase risk quotients across legal, market and procurement ROI (return-on-investment) risk quotient

Say goodbye to misplaced and mismanaged paper contracts, our Pharmaceutical contract management software help you centralize contract storage, track compliance across multiple dimensions and reduce creation cycle times and increase revenue.

PharmaNET – Pharmaceutical contract management software allows revenue manager to maximize revenue by integrating and automating the complexities of pricing and quoting processes, contract creation, rebate management, and data interoperability with other legacy system.

As a function supporting to customer accounting, the system provides booking of various types of transaction against the customer, including product based transactions and direct transactions. The system tracks all the transactions against all the customers and allows complete reconciliation.

Various types of credits, rebates and debits are possible, which provides complete audit trails of customer accounting transaction.

System also have facility to track institutional orders which are supplied to institutions by the customers at a special rate.

PharmaNET eliminate the paper and ink from the creation, execution, and management of any type of contractual agreement. So no matter where you operate in today’s digital economy, you’ll find it far easier to more efficiently and effectively.