Awareness – FAQs
“PharmaNET” is a business management solution which provides an integrated platform which is flexible and competent enough to meet the multifunctional requirement of different departments like sales, purchase, production, logistics and finance, etc. and help companies to monitor, track, asses and improve the processes at every stage for achieving productivity enhancement, effective cost management, optimum inventory management, better customer service and just in time delivery.
Companies which are pressed with the need to integrate, streamline and automate their business processes to optimize the productivity, quality and profitability.
PharmaNET is a proven and dynamic solution for sales analysis & sales management by a diversified set of industry verticals including Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, FMCG, Cosmetics, Oil & Lubricants and many more.

It’s comprehensive and user-friendly features help to cut down problems of manual tracking related to logistics and warehouse management, stock transfer, invoicing and billing management amongst others.

It is currently operational across more than 500 locations, sub-locations and other important sales channel partners of large to medium size companies.
Key features of PharmaNET include primary and secondary sales management, sales return management, warehouse/inventory stock management, stock transfer management, billing/invoice management, target management, price control management and lot more.
Yes, PharmaNET is a totally web-based user friendly platform.
PharmaNET is being used by some of the most reputed large to medium size companies. Contact Us to check references.
“PharmaNET”, business management solution has good number of customers from Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare other FMCG industries. It is fit for all types of industries whether small, medium and large that require to integrate, streamline and automate their business processes to optimize the productivity, quality and profitability.

We have a sizable customer base ranging from larger companies to medium and small organizations. Contact Us to check references.

Sarjen providing excellent business software solutions and services from over a decade, to Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Research, FMCG , Oil and Lubricants and many more.

We also follow various standards like GMP, GCP, GLP as well as regulatory guidelines like ANNEX 11 for computer systems from EMA and 21 CFR part 11 from US FDA. Our expertise lies in Enterprise Resource Planning, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management & Regulatory domain.

Sarjen is an ISO 9001:2015 certified and affiliate with Microsoft, Apple, BlackBerry, IBM and HP. We have offices in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and Mumbai, Maharashtra with the qualified software team of more then 150+ professionals. You can visit Sarjen’s website to know more.
Accessibility – FAQs
Certainly! PharmaNET offers a feature loaded dashboard that display key performance indicators in graphical and chart formats.
Yes. PharmaNET allow you to track primary, secondary sales across entire sales channel. So you can see your product’s positioning at distributors, stockist, and sub-distributors.
Yes you can. Sales return is an important feature of PharmaNET that enables you to streamline sales return data which will include sales return date, retailer code, distributor sales man code, model / serial number, quantity, with/without reference return, tax and other historical factors.
Sure. PharmaNET comes with an included module that helps to manage stock transfer data between central / mother ware house and different stores. You can also generate with the automatic indent facility.
Yes user can implement price control using PharmaNET. Sales software have a distinct module to handle price control which ensures the profit margins of stockist, distributors and retailers.
Yes, you can upload the sales data to your ERP through an intermediate data feed interface or a bridge has to be created to transfer transactions between two sales software. Contact Us to know more.
You can upload sales data either through automated batch process or by manual process. Contact Us for more details.
Yes, our system can be integrated with any Field Force Reporting software or legacy CRM or we are also providing the same field reporting and CRM application on same platform.
You can generate several user-friendly reports using PharmaNET. Some of these include all territory sales report with periodic sales trend, SKU and stock report, modern trade report, accounts and distributors report, direct to retail report, and many others. Contact Us for more details.
Yes, you can download/print each report in an excel format and save it in your system for future reference.
PharmaNET – Sales software is very user friendly system that does not require any special technical knowledge to be operated. You just need basic computer knowledge to use this sales software moreover; our team provides training sessions to top-level users of the system after implementation.
No, you don’t need a self-owned IT infrastructure to run the software. All you need is a reasonably good computer connected to the internet to get started with PharmaNET.
Standard system implementation can take between 3-4 weeks after the formal order. Contact Us for more details or if you are looking for a customized solution.
Yes, we are open to customization to suit your exact business needs.
Yes, it is a great pleasure to take you through a DEMO of our software. Please Contact Us to schedule a demo.
We use world-class hosting infrastructure & strong firewall protection to ensure data safety & security. We are also taking data backup of application on periodically basis to protect your professional details, in some cases we also sign non discloser agreement to secure the data and customers trust.
You are most welcome to use our hosting services. Yes, all data lying on our servers are scheduled for external back-ups on a regular interval. Contact Us for more details.
Yes you are free to host the application on your own infrastructure, however it is recommended to ask for hosting it on our infrastructure in order to save cost and also avoid multiple infrastructure related hassles.
Affordability – FAQs
Yes, customization charges will be additional to the cost of our standard system.
Yes, we do provide FREE training sessions after software installation to the top-level users and assist in understanding & using the system. We also provide detailed user manuals as a ready reference guide for different types of users.
After sales service – FAQs
We have a very strong after sales support. We ensure that all your queries are answered in quick support.
Yes, we can provide you dedicated after-sales support at additional cost as well as dedicated team also. Contact Us for more details.