Distribution software

Implement,manage & grow your distribution channel with specially designed distribution software for Pharmaceuticals .

Business need

PharmaNET is software designed as a comprehensive solution to automate the business activities of Pharmaceutical wholesalers and distributors. It is designed with an easy-to-use user interface. PharmaNET is an automated system, which covers complete accounting, billing, customer management, inventory reporting, product database etc. Thus this software is a complete MIS tool for pharmaceutical business management both for large and medium Pharmaceutical wholesalers and distributors.

Solution overview

PharmaNET, distribution software specifically designed for Pharmaceuticals provides all required information about stocks, rates and other sales related parameters to field sales representative, dealers, distributors and other stock and sales points of the company.

PharmaNET allows dealers or distributors to generate sales forecast based on sales opportunities, sales trend and stock. Based on sales forecast, the company can prepare consolidated demand plan for the production. The goods will be invoiced to dealer/distributor when demand is firmed up from the dealer or distributor. Based on receipts of the goods at distributor end, inventory account is credited.

When dealer or distributor actually receives the order, the order can be processed in PharmaNET with appropriate rate and tax structures. If distributor does not want to generate invoice in PharmaNET and wish to generate invoice outside PharmaNET. PharmaNET offers an excellent flexible interface to import either individual sales or consolidated stock and sales.

Our pharmaceutical distribution software comes with add-on compliance management which provides a comprehensive solution to manage a range of regulatory and corporate compliance requirements throughout organization of all sizes. PharmaNET offers full life-cycle management of policies and procedures, includes computing charge back, rebate and medicaid processes as well as government pricing compliance at all levels.

Business benefits

  • System provides various consolidated MIS based on dealer, sales representatives, customers and products. The measures includes sales in terms of quantity and value, closing stock in terms of quantity and value, etc
  • Reduce distribution cost companies can leverage strategic distribution network design to determine how to profitably support customer service levels while minimizing all stocking and movement cost
  • Improve service levels and fill rates on reduced inventory investment. Companies can develop optimal orders based on acquisition cost, carrying cost, service levels, freight cost and bracket discounts within multi-tier distribution networks
  • Lower transportation cost while improving on-time deliveries. Companies can optimize all inbound loads based on modes of transportation, published lane rates and consolidation opportunities, as well as outbound loads based on picking schedules and optimal routing
  • Extend visibility to suppliers and customers across your supply chain. Remove supply chain uncertainty and drive synchronized plans resulting in reduced safety stock and increased service levels
  • Dynamically manage the storage, fulfilment and distribution of demand within your supply chain network. Manage demand-driven inventory to ensure products are available to your customers when and where they want them

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