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Streamline and automate your entire distribution channel with PharmaNET ! Distribution software for pharmaceuticals.

Our dynamic, intuitive and user friendly distribution software for Pharmaceutical, empowers you to streamline your entire distribution channel which includes demand management, tracking lot and serial no., expiry dates, formation of contracts, risk management, receivables management and primary and secondary sales management and many more , specially built for global pharmaceutical players.

Most contracts in the pharmaceutical industry today are authored through informal processes, including a number of modifications that introduce unique terms around rebates, chargebacks, incentive programs and other complex financial calculations, and are inevitably still stored on paper. This outdated approach is costing pharmaceutical companies millions of dollars in incorrect rebates, chargebacks and incentive claims annually. Duplicate prescription submissions and expired eligibility alone significantly reduce profits, and ultimately lead to costly financial penalties.

Through many years of working closely with major pharmaceutical companies, PharmaNET has developed an unprecedented level of insight and understanding about the challenges, opportunities and needs of the industry. PharmaNET! Distribution software is a scalable, robust and comprehensive solution which reflects our commitment to investing in leading edge technology, and more importantly, preserving our customer’s long-term investment.

Quality control is an integral part of our distribution software for Pharmaceutical and there is full support for compliance with regulatory authorities such as medicines and healthcare products regulatory agency (MHRA), US food and drug administration (FDA), HM customs & excise (HMCE), control of substances hazardous to health regulations (COSHH) and the health and safety statutory instruments.Our distribution software for Pharmaceutical enables our customers to a fast, successful implementation with rapid return on investment.

PharmaNET! Distribution software benefits
Improve quality control
Monitor product distribution
Reduced stock out
Reduced excess inventory at distributor’s end
Know which products/customers are truly contributing to your growth
Adhere to regulatory authority controls
Increase management visibility
Improve efficiencies between multiple production lines
Control stock levels and minimize excess expired stock
Achieve full traceability through multiple levels of manufacture

PharmaNET provides end- to- end support to any pharmaceuticals processing organization, supporting the key business operations from development, demand planning, order processing, customer service, production scheduling, manufacturing and inventory control while helping to ensure companies meet the stringent standards of industry and international regulators by managing quality control records, supporting full traceability and audit support.

Find out why PharmaNET is a leading distribution software for pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and cosmetics manufacturing. If you have any doubts or quires or need further details please feel free to contact us at sarjen@sarjen.com