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Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and Life sciences and FMCG are few of the industries which are very dynamic because of its changing portfolios, various SKUs, complex contracts, intricate documentation processes, mergers and acquisitions and globalization so they need to have an effective sales and distribution software to get real time view of total global sales and stock.

PharmaNET functions as an intuitive sales and distribution software that delivers accurate reporting of channel sales and stocks, and strengthens decision-making in order dispatch, inventory handling, logistics and warehouse management. This powerful sales and distribution software also offers the required ability to track sales and distribution till the retailer level, and empowers the manufacturer to track sales return management, target management, price protection management, scheme management, etc.

The robust features and intellectual framework of PharmaNET enables better decision making and meeting the business growth objectives in time. PharmaNET has easy to use features that simplifies the entire channel sales processes and improves sales efficiency making it a complete sales and distribution management solution. Following insights will help you understand how PharmaNET can empower your sales functions in a profitable way.

End-to-End software solution

PharmaNET is an end-to-end sales and distribution management software for multi-channel marketing. It provides a secure and fast platform to collect, manage, improve sales data from different distributors and retailer located nationwide. All the entities involved in the sales distribution cycle including top management can directly submit their sales related data in the system, and can also view the corresponding available reports.

Diversified Industry Reach

PharmaNET has extended its reach to include multiple industry verticals like Pharmaceutical, Health care, Life science, FMCG, Food & beverages and many more. Our system is ideal to strengthen the sales management activities like stock tracking, order processing, contract creation for large retail chains, retail chain vendors, merchandizing companies and distributors of all types.

Operational across 500+ stock points

PharmaNET is being used by more than 500 distributors to simplify their sales and distribution and get adaptive dispatch plans based on sales history. Manufacturer, distributors, sub-distributors and all other sales channel partners are using the system to keep the sales process coherent and aligned.

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