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Successfully manage your global distribution with our dynamic software for distribution specially built for Pharma industry

Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences (PLS) companies are under tremendous pressure to improve their distribution efficiency. In todays cut throat competitive age the success mantra lies in effective demand planning, inventory optimazation and just in time delivery. PharmaNET! An effective software for distribution will empower you to achieve all these objectives.

PharmaNET has been built after thorough understanding of today’s global requirements in various markets worldwide. In Europe, no single batch of a finished pharmaceutical product can be released without the certification of the QP (Qualified Person).QP is key to ensuring that the complexity of the modern distribution channels does not adversely impact the safety, quality or efficacy of the product.

Pharmaceutical companies struggle with sub optimized sales & operations planning processes due to a variety of factors, including lack of effective governance, fragmented decision-making, misaligned key performance indicators (KPIs), and a general distrust in sales forecast accuracy.

Many of the leading life sciences and pharmaceuticals companies have turned towards our dynamic software for distribution due to its technology and domain expertise in purchase management, demand management, inventory optimization, sales and distribution planning, visibility, collaboration and performance management, category management, and transportation and logistics management.

Our distribution software for pharmaceuticals can deliver various benefits like:
Companies can develop effective consensus demand plans that increase forecast accuracy, lower inventory costs and optimize revenue
Companies can rapidly respond to daily changes in customer demand, ranging from manufacturing activities all the way through logistics functions
Companies can minimize operational silos and gain a single, comprehensive view of the business, including capabilities and constraints that must be reconciled with corporate goals
Companies can free up working capital tied to ineffective inventory and accelerate responsiveness to marketplace changes
Companies can leverage strategic space and category management capabilities to increase insight into market trends while enhancing sales and market share
Warehouse management Solutions eliminate wasted effort and improve profitability through warehouse labor performance management that reduces touches, errors and costs
Track and trace, compliance and visibility are all critical components for protecting your brand in the event of a recall or other disruptive supply chain event
Companies can create allocations, based on inventory and assortment plans, for new products, as well as replenishment of existing items
Manage demand-driven inventory to ensure products are availability to your customers when and where they want them

Our dynamic and intuitive software for distribution is a perfect suite for the Pharma manufacturers and distributors around the world especially for the European countries where sales and distribution structure for pharmaceuticals is different and complex as the products need to go through with various testing procedure and stages before launching to the physical market. If you have any doubts, quires and for any further details please feel free to contact us at