Why manufacturing industry is looking for the right supply chain management software?

Why manufacturing industry is looking for the right supply chain management software?

Supply chain management is the spinal cord for manufacturing industry, especially for Pharmaceutical, Life science, FMCG, CPG and Food and beverage industry. The mantras for attaining success for these industries are:

  • Just in time delivery
  • Resource optimization
  • Accurate demand planning
  • Quality and regulatory compliance
  • Ability to change quickly as per the market

In today’s global and digital world every market is like a local market which enhanced the level of competition and awareness among today’s customers hence the only way for these industries is cut down their own margin without raising their prices. To maintain the same level of profitability without increasing the prices or more profit with the minimal raise in prices is the challenging task for these above mentioned industries.
This triggers these industries to redesign the traditional supply chain and bring automation. That’s why the demand for the dynamic web based supply chain management software with cloud and mobility is very high. Here are the complexities associated with the traditional supply chain:

  • Decentralized different datasets in different silos
  • Lack of reliability, transparency and control
  • Huge time, cost and effort required
  • Assumption based forecasting
  • Overstocking and stock outs
  • Unable to meet the deadlines
  • Increased gap between demand and supply
  • Higher production cost
  • Inefficient logistics
  • FDA crack up on expired products
  • Inability to make quick decisions in response to market changes

Modern supply chain management software is like a platform which comes with various modules like Purchase management, inventory management, warehouse management, demand planning, financial budgeting, revenue management and many more.

E.g. suppose a distribution firm, importing drugs from the other country and distributing it further in multiple countries. To balance demand and supply accurate demand forecasting is very essential which is not possible without having any centralized system.

For accurate demand planning modern supply chain management software will produce all required details like available stock, order placed, stock in transit, lead time, historic sales and many more. Modern web based supply chain management software is the easy to deploy solution added with cloud and mobility allow you to access it on the go. The best feature of modern supply chain management software is its ability to integrate with any third party system or legacy system like SAP, Dynamics, Oracle, Sage, Tally ERP and Quick Books, which brings end-to-end visibility, transparency and real time data for the top management to strategize for the future.

Reasons to upgrade?

  • Centralized system brings standardization
  • Enhance visibility, transparency and control
  • Reduce time, cost and efforts
  • Forecast accuracy increased
  • Reduced supply chain and production cost
  • Effective inventory optimization
  • Better alignment between departmental objectives and organizational goal
  • Enhanced capacity utilization of production facilities and logistic assets
  • Better utilization of working capital
  • Mitigate compliance issues
  • Ability to take quick changes to respond sudden market changes

Are you ready to upgrade?