Truths when selecting supply chain management software

Truths when selecting supply chain management software

After streamlining internal operations through initiatives such as Just-In-Time, Total Quality Management, boosting plant productivity, improving product quality and reducing manufacturing costs, organizations are focusing on supply chain strategies as the next frontier in organizational excellence.

Markets are becoming more transparent, customer demands are being met in a more customized manner and the rate of change in the business world keeps increasing. All these developments are having a profound impact on the ways in which supply chains are managing.

Most of the large and mid-size organizations are using legacy ERP systems like SAP, ORACLE and Microsoft Dynamics, to get greater visibility and control. ERP effectively integrates all the information which is required for the business to operate including finance, accounting, production, human resources, quality management, sales and marketing.In spite of many advantages, the legacy ERP system has its own limitations and complexities when there is a need to modernize it according to the dynamic business environment like:

  • Huge cost and installation time required for further modification
  • Maintenance and staffing cost is high and growing
  • Compliance and regulatory concerns abound
  • Purely data-driven architecture prohibits access to business content
  • Limited functionality limits innovation and growth
  • Hence total cost of ownership (TCO) is very high

In this cut throat competitive business environment the only mantra for success is ability to meet changing needs of customer on time and this require end to end agile supply chain management software which should be competent enough to provide consolidated view of primary and secondary(CFA,stockiest, distributors and retailers) demand and sales figure. These brick and mortar legacy ERP systems are not capable in doing this due to its own limitations.

Your business is distribution so the software you choose to run your business should be flexible, powerful, streamlined and reliable. It’s what your customers expect.Our supply chain management software suite, called PharmaNET, streamlines, automates and accelerates the critical supply chain processes that determine your success: from inventory planning, purchase management, warehouse optimization, value-added services, demand management and revenue management.

Here PharmaNET is the perfect solution because of:

  • Industry dynamic rich expertise
  • Quick installation
  • Ease of operability
  • Cost effective
  • Dynamic and with the ability to integrate with any legacy ERP system

Which helps organizations to have a consolidated view of global sales and demand. Apart from these competencies PharmaNET also provide many add-ons like:

  • In-built business analytics tools over and above large number of readymade reports
  • Easy to use web application with browser compatibility
  • Cloud computing
  • Mobility solutions
  • EDI application
  • Readily available for any up gradation

Our supply chain management software help you to gain visibility into the details of your distribution operation, connect the dots within your supply chain and lower costs for a healthier bottom line.

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